Stefan Edberg: 'After Federer, I refused exciting tennis projects'

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Stefan Edberg: 'After Federer, I refused exciting tennis projects'

In a recent interview, Stefan Edberg commented on Roger Federer's continued successes since his comeback in 2017, stressing that being 'blessed with an incredible talent' is not enough to triumph at the age of 36.

'He understands like no other that he needs to reinvent his game again and again.' He also added, 'Playing on Roger’s level is not about basic things. There are many small details. It's all about motivation and health.

He was looking for new impulses at that time, maybe he needed a voice to prepare him for his tasks. It was a very exciting, intense collaboration.' The successful co-operation he had with Federer during two years from end-of-2013 to end-of-2015, encouraged other players to ask Edberg to coach them.

'Believe me, my phone rang very often and I listened to exciting projects,' he revealed. 'But in the end, I was just not ready to sacrifice so much for tennis again. I've been traveling all my life, now a new phase of life has begun.

I'm doing a bit of sport, working in finance and spending a lot of time with my family. I am a happy person.' ALSO READ: Eugenie Bouchard: 'Me as a model? Maybe after my retirement from tennis'