Chris Evert: 'Roger Federer doesn't burn himself out mentally'

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Chris Evert: 'Roger Federer doesn't burn himself out mentally'

Chris Evert spoke about Roger Federer's success. The 18-time Grand Slam winner praised the Swiss player's ability to take a rest from tennis when he doesn't compete, in order to stay fresh mentally and motivated.

'You always hear players complain that they want to be in one place or that they feel burned out,' Evert told ESPN in January prior to the Australian Open. 'Roger doesn't burn himself out mentally because he knows how to compartmentalize and live a normal life.' Evert also spoke highly about Federer's talent: 'This is a guy who plays in a relaxed way.

There's no strain. He doesn't muscle anything. He kind of glides around. And that style just doesn't result in a lot of injuries. He moves naturally. He's got the fast-twitch muscles, so he glides across the court. His body is a gift.

It has really helped him with his longevity and his style. He's played shorter points than most players.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer holds a special record ahead of Novak Djokovic