Acapulco or Dubai: Roger Federer reveals it all

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Acapulco or Dubai: Roger Federer reveals it all

Mexico dreams to have Roger Federer. The Acapulco event that takes place at the end of February tried to bring in the Swiss, but they have slowly given up, indicating that Federer may come in Mexico only to play an exhibition event.

In press conference in Indian Wells last month Federer admitted it will be difficult to play the ATP 500 tournament in Acapulco: 'Thing is, it's during the same time as Dubai, which I have an apartment in Dubai, and I have always played there.

This year, for the first time, I didn't play Dubai either. But I haven't made plans yet for next Feb, but rather doubtful I will go to play Acapulco, to be quite honest. Depend on the schedule of family, whether we stay in Dubai or stay in Switzerland.

I have heard great things. Players like the tournament, they said it's well-run and good crowds, which would always be very attractive to find out how that atmosphere would play. Last time I played in Mexico was 1996 in the juniors, Mexico City.

So it's a long time ago. I should be going back at one point.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer and his relationship with losses: 'It was almost painful'