Roger Federer speaks about his incredible languages' skills

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Roger Federer speaks about his incredible languages' skills

Roger Federer is the most available player when it comes to speaking to the press. After his matches, the Swiss attends the mandatory press conference and always does exclusive interviews with radios, TVs or newspapers. And he does it in different languages! Federer recently spoke about his "language" skills.

'When I speak French, I am more in the world of tennis, technique, physical, because I always do my technical training in French with Pierre Paganini', he said. 'It makes me think of school also. When I was 14 or 16 years old, I was in Lausanne at school.

When I speak French, I always feel I'm a teenager. I sort of got stuck in the good times of the '90s. When I speak English, it's easygoing, it's relaxed. We talk a lot of English at home, too. It's just easy. It's the whole world.

It's traveling. Swiss-German is my family, it's me. It's home. It's who I am really, I believe. But you're right, I'm different according to the language I'm speaking. It's interesting. I realize I'm saying different things according to the different languages.

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