Famous stringer explains why Roger Federer makes this choice

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Famous stringer explains why Roger Federer makes this choice

Xavi Segura is one of the main stringers for the Spanish tennis federation. Interviewed by Punto de Break, Segura spoke about some of the most interesting things about his job. What are the differences between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer's rackets? 'Nadal's racket is very polyvalent which stresses a little bit more on the power, while Federer has always had a traditionalist racket, which is especially about control,' said Segura.

'Roger has reduced the weight a little and made the head (of the racket) bigger. Comparing it to Nadal's, Federer's has much more control.' In Rotterdam earlier this year Federer asked his stringers' team to come from Tampa, Florida, to the Dutch tournament.

Commenting on why the Swiss possibly did it, Segura said: 'You have to think that tennis is a sport which involves (gut feelings) and every stringer has his own system. If you search, 'string' as a verb exists but the work itself is not recognized, I mean, there is no university that tells how to string or how not to string.

Everyone has his own method. What Federer does is not something common among all the players. It's a very exclusive service that only the best ranked players can sustain. They do it so that it's always the same person who strings the racket.' What would happen if Nadal played using Federer's racket and Federer with the Nadal's? 'They are so good that they would still play well.

They are the two best players in history, at least for me. They would play well with a skillet as well.' ALSO READ: Feliciano Lopez: 'Roger Federer makes you feel helpless'