The day Roger Federer agreed to sign his first Nike contract

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The day Roger Federer agreed to sign his first Nike contract

Interviewed by L'Express, the former tennis player Régis Brunet revealed the day he approached Roger Federer to sign a Nike contract. At the time, the Swiss was just 13 years old. Brunet was immediately impressed by Federer.

''In 1994, I was sent to see an under-14 tournament that took place in Miami. I initially had to follow a young Belgian, but a friend of mine suggested me to have a look at this unmanageable Swiss. I saw him playing for two minutes and I immediately went to the first phone cabin to try to get in contact with his parents: I had never seen such a talent.

If he was nervous, it's because he hated to lose, which is essential,' he said. Speaking about the details of the contract, Brunet specified, 'It was $500,000 dollars in five years, all with a good bonus if he managed to break through.' At 17 years, Federer became the junior world champion and the improvements in his character were decisive: 'If Roger became calm, it's because he is smart.

He immediately realized that he could have a great career and that he should not get angry anymore.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'Wimbledon seemed to be perfect moment to retire, but...'