Roger Federer retirement: former top 30 player makes big claim

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Roger Federer retirement: former top 30 player makes big claim

2007 Rome Masters was really a special event for Filippo Volandri, who upset the then world No. 1 Roger Federer in front of his crowd on the Central Court. Volandri recalled the key moments of that match in an interview for Sky Sport. 'I remember the moment before heading to the court, it was very important.

For 5-10 minutes we spoke each other, he told me that the day before he had watched AS Roma's match. He is a player who makes you comfortable. And then entering the court: the crowd, the Italian music. I played a perfect match, almost in a bubble, playing my best shots.

Federer never plays the same ball for twice in a row, he always changes direction. I was focused and tried to stay on the baseline in order not to give him space. And my backhand made a difference.' Volandri also spoke about the importance of family for Federer: 'If Mirka wasn't there, in his box, he would probably stop competing.' The former world No.

27 also spoke about Roger's character: 'It's a little bit complicated to reassume him in a few words. But he is educated, calm and very respectable off-court. It seems he is perfect, and he really is.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'Wimbledon seemed to be perfect moment to retire, but...'