Marion Bartoli names Federer and Nadal's biggest ability

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Marion Bartoli names Federer and Nadal's biggest ability

Marion Bartoli recently praised Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer's ability to evolve and compete at their best, defying time and the younger opponents. 'He has been able to reinvent himself year after year,' the 2013 Wimbledon winner said on ITV speaking about keys of Nadal's success.

'He’s not playing the same tennis at all that when he won for the first time back here in 2005. He’s been able to keep improving, even though we’ve called him the King of Clay for probably five or six years.

But he has this ability to look for improvement constantly that I think only he and, probably, Roger Federer have. That kind of mentality having won so much already but still have the mentality to improve and to look for improvement and to hire people that can make them improve.

That for me shows why they’re winning so much and why they’re the champions they are.' Source: Express ALSO READ: Roger Federer can be world No.

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