We trusted on Roger Federer also when he wasn't a star, says Halle director

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We trusted on Roger Federer also when he wasn't a star, says Halle director

The Gerry Weber Open in Halle will take place for the 26th year in a row and Roger Federer will be the main star. The tournament director Ralf Weber expressed his excitement for having the Swiss again. 'He became even more important for us with his Grand Slam titles in the last two years', Weber told NW.

'He was always there, except three times when he withdrew due to injury. We always focused on him. He is the tennis star. Everyone wants to see him playing. That's why he is important for us.' In 2000, at 19 years of age, Federer made his first appearance in Halle through a wildcard invitation.

At the time he was a bright promise, but not a champion yet. That was a winning "bet" for Weber: 'At the time we were having contacts with the Swiss Yves Allegro, who was part of the tournament along with Marco Chiudinelli.

From them, Roger was informed of the Gerry Weber Open. Starting from that moment, Roger started to have a close relationship with Halle.' Then Weber revealed an interesting thing: 'In 2003, we joked that thanks to the Halle win he would have won Wimbledon, which happened.

We have been trusting him already since when he wasn't a world star yet. Before the lifetime contract (in 2010), we had already signed multi-year contracts with him. He has been a family's friend for many years, at the end of every year I always get a personalized letter from him.' What will happen when Federer will end his career as a player? 'He will definitely be connected to us, maybe in the consultant committee of the tournament or in the World as ambassador.

We will definitely find a common solution when the moment will come.' ALSO READ: Carlos Moya reveals Rafael Nadal's punishment as a teenager