Cilic up for Federer again: 'I was so close to beating him in 2016'

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Cilic up for Federer again: 'I was so close to beating him in 2016'

After his opening round win over Fernando Verdasco at Queen's, Marin Cilic was asked about what his plan would be to beat Roger Federer on grass. The Croatian replied, 'You have to do things well on your end, focus on yourself, improve every single match.

You can't really focus on the guys around yourself, in the draw. In the end, you have to execute the best you can, your own things, your own part of the court, and hope and believe that it's going to be enough. It's great seeing Roger back so good again.

He's one of the unique guys that with those long breaks he comes back and plays as he was playing every single match in last few weeks. It's going to be interesting, definitely. The grass court season, it's short but it's sweet, as well.' Cilic also added: 'I know that my level of the game was really high.

I played great tennis. Went through the draw really good. I had a few tough matches obviously with Gilles and with Querrey in semis, but I felt really confident coming into that match. I played already with Roger a couple times as well in Wimbledon. I was close to (beating) him in 2016.

I had, I don't know, couple match points. But anyway, I was feeling confident. This year, you know, it's a new year, new season. You start all over again. You can't live on the glory of last year. You have to show that again, and hopefully, this tournament is going to bring me back to the form, bring those memories of playing great and obviously, you know, I'm pushing myself to get better and better every single match.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer admits he could skip a tournament - Full details