Milos Raonic explains why he is different from Roger Federer

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Milos Raonic explains why he is different from Roger Federer

Milos Raonic recently spoke about his Mercedes Cup final loss to Roger Federer in Stuttgart last week. Raonic praised Federer: 'I thought the most impressive thing was that he was sharp in the most important parts of the match.

Obviously he's done that throughout his career better than anybody else, but to come back like that after not playing since Miami, even for myself there was a few matches earlier that wasn't really that sharp and I didn't stop for nearly as long.

So I think that was the most impressive part.' Speaking about the differences in his own game since he reached 2016 Wimbledon final beating just Federer, Raonic stated: 'I think I'm a better player than I was then.

For me, I'm hitting the ball better. These kind of things is just a question of getting that match sharpness through playing more and more, because I haven't played that many matches not only the last few weeks but this year, end of last year, as well.

I feel really good. I feel like I'm playing well, I'm doing things well. You know, the body's holding on, which is nice. All these kind of things are important. So coming here on grass, that on its own is just some kind of comfort.

The fact I'm playing well helps, as well. Overall it's very positive for me.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer reveals private conversation with Rafael Nadal