Roger Federer: 'When Rafael Nadal is healthy, anything is possible'

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Roger Federer: 'When Rafael Nadal is healthy, anything is possible'

Roger Federer feels that Rafael Nadal will be very competitive at Wimbledon. The Spaniard didn't play Queen's due to fatigue but began practicing on the grass on Monday in Mallorca. 'I think he is one of the big favourites to win there, regardless if he plays Queens or not I think the key for him is going to be the early rounds in Wimbledon.

There is always a few difficult first-round draws as usual. But it is a big draw, a lot of players, anything can happen. And I think – like for any top guy – I think the first two rounds at Wimbledon are very important because the grass and the courts play so different to anywhere else in the world.

So, that’s the key there. Look I’m sure he’s coming with confidence, he’s had an incredible clay court stretch and if he’s practicing already that means he’s healthy. When Rafa is healthy anything is possible for him.

So, I think he’s looking very good for Wimbledon.' Analyzing his next match against Benoit Paire in Halle, Federer added: 'It won't be easy, he is a player with a great backhand and I will have to be careful.' Source: PuntodeBreak ALSO READ: Roger Federer reveals private conversation with Rafael Nadal