Roger Federer reveals what he hates about some tennis players

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Roger Federer reveals what he hates about some tennis players

In a recent interview, Roger Federer revealed what are the things he doesn't like the most about a player's behaviour during an official match. 'Seeing a player who spits on the court,' Federer said.

'I can't stand it. In recent times, I am liking players who make the crowd crazy and who confuse the environment to distract me. I respect them. They push my limits and I improve.' He also added, 'But in tennis, there is a code: shaking your opponent's hand at the end of the match, beyond the net, and shaking your hand whatever happened.

You don't bring outside what happened on the court. In the past, the environment was more aggressive. Fans enjoyed it, but it was making our careers shorter.' Federer also revealed what is his biggest fear: 'Being afraid of missing a flight.

When I drive to go to the airport, I can't speak to Mirka. I get stressed about the idea of not making it in time. I was always late, I worked on it, now it bothers me. But when kids get crazy and they don't do what I ask them to, at that moment I don't think: "Oh god, I am Roger Federer." I need to keep calm as the world knows me like this.

Just don't call me Mr. Perfection.' Does he get tired about being Roger Federer? 'If you ask me how much I like to be so controlled, I answer: I don't know. It's not always to stay in the spotlight.

I am a professional for 365 days a year, but I don't want to become crazy. I have to take a rest to be a father, husband and friend.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer reveals private conversation with Rafael Nadal