Borna Coric says playing before pro-Roger Federer crowd helps him

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Borna Coric says playing before pro-Roger Federer crowd helps him

Borna Coric feels that playing before a crowd which isn't really supporting him and is in favour of his opponents like in the Halle final or Indian Wells semi-final this year when he faced Roger Federer, helps him to play better.

'I’ve played big matches also before with a big crowd when they are against me, actually I don’t think they are against me but they are more for him. That is really normal and I understand it and of course, it should be that way,' Coric said.

'So, look, I love the crowds, I love all the fans, I don’t mind if they are for me, they are not for me, really, it’s their choice. But I love it when there’s a big hype on the court, a good atmosphere like it was today, like it was also three months ago.

It makes me want to play better. It makes me more excited and when I’m more excited I play better. So, I just really loved it today.' Coric also spoke about his learning process of playing tennis better and better: 'I’m still speaking with my coaches a lot, basically working on some things.

But of course, I’m playing much better. I’m trying to play in the right way, more aggressive than the last three years, trying to be more aggressive, staying closer to the line and also my serve improved a little as well, playing a little bit fewer tournaments just to come fresher to the tournaments.

So, yes, I agree with him. Obviously, it was a great week for me. But again now I need to rest and focus on Wimbledon.' ALSO READ: Milos Raonic explains why he is different from Roger Federer