Roger Federer didn't break rules wearing Uniqlo, says Wimbledon official

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Roger Federer didn't break rules wearing Uniqlo, says Wimbledon official

Roger Federer upset several people last Monday by heading into the Centre Court for his first round match against Dusan Lajovic wearing Uniqlo products. The news was known one minute before Federer appeared, which wasn't something expected as the Swiss had not confirmed rumours indicating that his partnership with the Japanese brand would start at this event.

The Wimbledon's commercial director Mick Desmond is okay with Federer and Uniqlo move. 'I guess it was like a huge reveal, wasn't it', Desmond said, as quoted by Japan Times. 'That's absolutely fine.

It's obviously a marketing coup for Roger. ... We set the stage, he's done a reveal.' Desmond didn't know anything about it. 'Providing you're adhering to the specifications in terms of the all-white rule and the amount of measurement in terms of branding, then that's fine.

It would have been checked by the club in terms of a technical perspective. From a commercial perspective, that's his business. I got involved in the men’s in the last nine months with Novak (Djokovic), I think everybody recognises that.' In press conference after his second round match win against Lukas Lacko, the world No.

2 said: 'Curiosity about Uniqlo. How many shirts, shorts and socks? Probably would have to have 15 shorts. For the shirts, maybe they have 20 to 30. Socks the same. I have 12 racquets. I have also the same amount of headbands and wristbands.' ALSO READ: I am sick of losing to Roger Federer, says Milos Raonic