Roger Federer Net Worth: List of his earnings from 11 endorsements

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Roger Federer Net Worth: List of his earnings from 11 endorsements

The multi-million dollar ten-year contract just signed by Roger Federer with Uniqlo is only the latest in a long series. The Times, the famous British newspaper, shared the full list of Federer's earnings endorsement per endorsement and the amount of money involved is clearly enormous.

At the moment, 11 companies are connected to Federer.

Including the new contract with the Japanese brand, Federer has guaranteed himself $74 million in the next year, more than any other athlete in the planet: just think that according to Forbes, from June 2017 to June 2018, the second-highest paid athlete from sponsors was LeBron James, 52 million.

Here is how much Federer earns from every of his endorsement, every year:

$30 million from Uniqlo, 2018-2028.
$8.1 million from the pasta maker Barilla, 2017-2022.
$7 million from the Swiss telecommunications provider Sunrise, from 2014 to 2019.
$6 million from Moet & Chandon (2012-2017).

Details about the new contract signed have not been revealed, but Federer is still an active ambassador of the French fine winery.
$6 million from NetJets, that shares private business jets.
$5 million from Mercedes Benz (2017-2027), ten years.

Federer renewed his contract at the end of last year.
$4 million from Lindt, with who he signed a new contract last year until 2022. Federer has been the brand ambassador since 2009.
$2.3 million from coffee producer Jura, 2015-2020.

Federer has been the brand ambassador since 2006.
$2 million from Credit Suisse (2009-2019), ten years again.
$2 million from tennis rackets and bags producer Wilson, with who he signed a lifetime contract in 2006.
$1.4 million from Rolex, connected to Federer through a ten-year contract from 2012 to 2022.

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