Andre Agassi: 'At 36, I was abrupt, Roger Federer is winning'

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Andre Agassi: 'At 36, I was abrupt, Roger Federer is winning'

In a recent interview to Metro, Andre Agassi praised the Swiss legend Roger Federer who keeps winning at the highest level despite he will turn 37 in August. Agassi compared Federer's life at 36 to his own which was very different. ‘I think if there’s anything I’ve seen happening in the game – people are investing in themselves more.

He has the game to make up for anything that age might start to get in his attention, he can get around some movement every now and then. He’s kept himself healthy, he’s kept himself efficient – he is remarkable and it amazes me probably more than most people because I remember being 36, retiring and it was abrupt.

I think it will be abrupt for him, I just don’t know when because he looks the part and he’s favourite here and it’s a pleasure to watch. It’s really good for everyone to enjoy this time with him now,' Agassi said.

Agassi also recognized the importance of development in medicine and recovery for tennis players: ‘I think it’s fair to say that Roger deserves the credit he gets, even as of late. But it has helped to have a few guys hit a bit of a roadblock.

That’s part of his greatness, he’s managed how to avoid it, he’s been smart. When doctors have told him to take off two months, he takes off three months – I think that’s key to longevity.' ALSO READ: I am sick of losing to Roger Federer, says Milos Raonic