Surprising details emerge about Roger Federer's contract with Uniqlo

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Surprising details emerge about Roger Federer's contract with Uniqlo

Some important details about the split between Roger Federer and Nike and the start of the Swiss player's co-operation with Uniqlo have emerged. According to the Sports Business Journal reporter Daniel Kaplan, Federer's earnings are fewer than what the media had earlier reported.

'Federer-Uniqlo deal (is) nowhere near $30 million a year,' Kaplan revealed on Twitter. 'It's $10 million a year, Nike offered $5 million a year and only if he was playing. Uniqlo guaranteed for a decade.' Kaplan also added: 'The $5 million is a guarantee, then I am sure Nike had built in bonuses for performance.

They have Maria (Sharapova) and Serena (Williams) deals coming up if they outbid Uniqlo is would set parameters for those deals,' wrote Kaplan, adding that now that Nike doesn't have to pay Federer anymore. In 2010, Sharapova signed a $70 million, eight-year contract with Nike which expires this year.

'The $30 million a year made no sense, a number put out there to justify losing the RF logo and putting him in what is seen in some quarters as a discount brand,' Kaplan claimed. Federer believed that in the end he and Nike would have found a solution.

The Swiss wore the American brand products also after March 1, when the contract expired, in Indian Wells and Miami tournaments, then in Stuttgart and Halle.

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