Roger Federer wants to play tennis until his kids realize it

But Ernests Gulbis, asked if he will do the same thing, was unsure...

by Luigi Gatto
Roger Federer wants to play tennis until his kids realize it

Roger Federer said he'd like to play as long as he can so his sons - Leo and Lenny, who are four years old - will realize that he played. The girls, Myla and Charlene who will turn nine next month, instead will clearly have memories of their father's successes.

In a press conference at Wimbledon, Ernests Gulbis was asked if he wants to play until his daughter, who was born in March this year, realizes he competed. 'We have YouTube', said laughing Gulbis, who achieved a career-high singles rankings at No.

10 in 2014. 'I don't know. I haven't been thinking about it. Yeah, I haven't been thinking about it really.' Gulbis also spoke about his particular way to hit a forehand: 'I never cared the way it looks. I only care about the way it feels for me.

I was always saying that I always tried to find that my stroke is just relaxed, the swing is relaxed. This is what I've been focusing on. How it looks, if it's here and there some changes, I don't pay attention to it. After a while, when I was starting to play worse, I had some shoulder problems, I was trying to compensate for some motions on the forehand side.

It went downhill. The motion wasn't any more relaxed. That was, yeah, two years ago.' The Latvian finally commented on the many upsets we saw at Wimbledon. Does it feel like things are more equal than they have been? 'I think that a lot of players who would be thrown in the challenger tour right now from the top 100, a lot of players would struggle because there are so many good players ranked from 100 to 200, even 250 to 300', admitted the 29-year-old, who started Wimbledon from qualies.

'They all can play. Of course, if you play against them on a big stage, on a centre court where you're used to, then a guy comes ranked 200 in the world, he's not used to the big stage, he's not going to feel in his zone of comfort.

He's going to feel in some way maybe nervous. If you go to their turf, to their challenger level, it's not easy. All the guys can play, yeah.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'I get just 15 Uniqlo shirts'

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