Roger Federer enjoys crazy journey with Bear Grylls (Video)

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Roger Federer enjoys crazy journey with Bear Grylls (Video)

Roger Federer enjoyed a great adventure in the Swiss Alps for the 'Running Wild with Bear Grylls' TV programme. The 41-minute episode was made in February 2017 just after Roger won the 2017 Australian Open title. During the episode, Grylls and Federer talked about Roger's particular character back in the days.

'So did you have, like, your Roger Federer cool temperament when you were a kid?' Grylls quizzed Federer. As a teenager known for his temper tantrums, over the years, Federer made an effort to change his character: 'You know, like, have the fire and desire to win but the ice coolness to absorb losses and absorb bad mistakes.

I realized, "OK, everything’s clear to me now." And then my career just went through the roof.' This is one of the many interesting things you can see in the video here below. Reflecting on the programme, Federer said: 'I am very excited to do the show with Bear Grylls.

I've seen so many of his shows over the years now and I've also got to meet him and he's a nice guy, he's a big tennis fan, and when he called me up if I wanted to be in the show I was like, Okay, the only problem is my tennis schedule.

Just making sure that I am somewhat safe so I don't get injured and hurt and I am sure that it's gonna be an epic experience for me.' That was really a tense but enjoyable time for Roger.