'Federer is a gentleman. The worst is Murray' - Former Wimbledon ballboy

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'Federer is a gentleman. The worst is Murray' - Former Wimbledon ballboy

Becoming a Wimbledon ball boy is a dream for many people and achieving it could be very satisfying. A former ball boy who worked at the All England Club during the two-week event spoke to Express spoke about the best and worst players on the court.

'Roger Federer is an absolute gentleman in everything he does - and he was just like that with us. Rafael Nadal is great too,' he said. 'He asks for his towel a lot - in fact, he has two he uses after every point - but I never had any problems with him.

The only problem with doing one of Rafa's matches is that he's very OCD. He likes to have everything exactly how he wants it, with his equipment, with his water bottles. That can be hard to get used to. Novak Djokovic is generally very nice and Serena Williams is great too but the ball boys and girls have to be on their toes with her.

She has little habits that they have to remember, such as which side to feed the balls from. The worst has to be Andy Murray. He can just be so grumpy on the court. So can Nick Kyrgios too.' There is a severe and strict preparation for ballboys who apply to work at Wimbledon, as training starts already in February every year, lasting more than three months.

'It can be brutal, the training is so hard,' the ex-ball boy added. 'But there are some benefits. We used to get paid some money and we get to keep the kit, which is a small fortune in itself!' ALSO READ: Surprising details emerge about Roger Federer's contract with Uniqlo