Severin Luthi: 'After Roger Federer's close matches, I can't sleep'

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Severin Luthi: 'After Roger Federer's close matches, I can't sleep'

In an interview to Aargauer Zeitung, the Roger Federer's coach Severin Luthi revealed his typical day at Wimbledon. He lives in a house with Ivan Ljubicic, who is the other Federer's coach.

What Luthi said about his struggles with sleeping is interesting. 'If there aren't night sessions like here at Wimbledon, I go to bed at midnight. After close matches I am a little bit angry, I still feel the adrenaline.

I can't fall asleep for a long time. Roger has fewer issues than me, although he is on the court and I am not', Luthi said. In the evening, after that they are back from the All England Club, Luthi and Federer meet each other again.

'I go to see Roger and the family for dinner. They eat alone. It's good for Roger that if he plays early, then he can eat with children. Because he has a chief with him, it's very flexible. So a routine doesn't exist and it's about enjoying.

This year we watched World Cup matches a lot. We rarely speak about tennis', the 42-year-old admitted. What happens just after Federer plays a match? 'We will directly go in the locker room so that we will be there when Roger returns.

If he wins, he will speak about the match for a while, maximum ten minutes. Roger has a shower and meets someone. Then he speaks with press, TV and radio. Sometimes I give him some information and I also do private things, for example, I meet some of my friends who are there.

I often stay in the club for a longer time than Roger and I watch matches. It's part of my job as well.' ALSO READ: Rod Laver makes bold claim about Rafael Nadal playing on grass