Roger Federer vs Kevin Anderson - Highlights (HD) 2018 Wimbledon

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Roger Federer vs Kevin Anderson - Highlights (HD) 2018 Wimbledon

Kevin Anderson defeated Roger Federer in five sets to reach Wimbledon semifinals. In this article, you can relive the key rallies of the match watching this video highlights. Analyzing his special win, Anderson said: 'I have already gotten tons of messages from support back home," said Anderson.

"Obviously at this sort of event, playing against an opponent like Roger is going to have a lot of coverage. Again, I really hope it's an example of sticking to your dreams and keep believing in yourself. I always say I was in the same position, it's not easy coming from South Africa, it's very far from the tennis scene...

I felt the first set obviously wasn't great for me. I was a little bit unsettled starting the match out. I thought I settled down much better in the second set. Even though I lost it in a tie-break, I felt I played a much, much better set of tennis.Obviously in the third set, I just tried to compete as hard as I could.

I was able to hold serve throughout. Obviously [Federer] had that one match point, but I played a good point and was able to get that break. I feel like once I did that, I really settled down well and felt pretty comfortable out there." About Anderson, Federer said: "He's got a nice, big serve that he can rely heavily on...

There's nothing really that shocked me because I've seen Kevin play many, many times in the past. Even if the matches have been maybe sometimes one-sided... you always know he can pick it up, and all of a sudden you won't see breaks for some time."