This is how I beat Roger Federer at Wimbledon: Kevin Anderson

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This is how I beat Roger Federer at Wimbledon: Kevin Anderson

Beating Roger Federer is difficult, but when you make it, the memories will be there forever. And you will always be proud when looking back at it. Like Kevin Anderson at Wimbledon. 'I think the toughest thing players face when going out playing somebody like Roger in this setting is giving yourself a chance,' Anderson said.

'I feel like the times that I've played him before, or other guys sort of with his ranking and history, I haven't really allowed myself to play. The first set was an example of that. I was really proud of myself the way I was able to relax, play my game.

That's a big goal that I've had. Even if I'd lost that match in three sets or four sets, I still actually made some progress on that front. That was a good plus. Obviously, it's infinitely better winning that match.

But overall obviously a lot of positives to take from it.' Anderson also made an admission, saying that he didn't have enough belief in the previous matches against Federer: 'I feel the few times I've played him in the past, walked onto the court without the necessary belief that I needed to to get through the match.

Without doing it on purpose, obviously with the ranking system, you sort of peg people at different spots. I mean, obviously, there are no easy matches. But if you play somebody maybe ranked lower than you, you have a bit more natural confidence in the match.

In tough times you can sort of rely on, ‘Hey, I feel like I'm a better tennis player, I'm going to get through’. I felt it was a little bit tough saying that obviously today against Roger. But I changed that phrase and said, ‘What's happened in the past is in the past.

All I need to worry about is today’. I felt like I was just trying to keep myself very highly motivated, a lot of belief in myself, said, ‘Today is going to be my day’. Obviously, it came very close to it not being my day.

I still think if had I lost that match point, as I said earlier, I made a few steps in the right direction. Obviously getting through it, I feel like I can take bigger steps.' ALSO READ: 'Nadal vs del Potro the best match I have ever seen' - Simona Halep