Roger Federer should plan to play until he is 43 years old - Mats Wilander

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Roger Federer should plan to play until he is 43 years old - Mats Wilander

Mats Wilander is convinced that the new ten-year contract signed by Roger Federer with Uniqlo could make the Swiss player's career last longer. In a recent interview at Wimbledon, Wilander said: 'He plays better now than the beginning of his career.

It seems he gets better year after year, time never goes on for him. When he will get older and shots will start to be weaker, I am sure he will manage to find other ways in order to be still competitive. After the contract that he signed with Uniqlo I think Roger should have planned to play at least until 42 or 43 years of age.' Meanwhile, it seems that Federer's 2018 Wimbledon Uniqlo products could be available sooner than expected for fans, probably in September later this year.

After his loss to Kevin Anderson, Federer deeply analyzed how the match went. Asked if he felt mentally fatigued, the 20-time Major winner replied: 'I felt good actually. Sure, it's disappointing losing the next two sets after winning the first two and having match points.

I've been there before. I know what kind of energy I need to bring to the fifth. I was able to bring that. To be honest, I didn't feel mental fatigue. Now I feel horribly fatigued and just awful. It's just terrible. But that's how it goes, you know.

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