John McEnroe predicts Roger Federer domination will soon end

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John McEnroe predicts Roger Federer domination will soon end

John McEnroe praised Roger Federer's success in the final stage of his career, admitting that due to age it will soon end. In an interview with Morgen Post during this year's Wimbledon, McEnroe said: 'I think it's absolutely exceptional what Roger does.

We don't have to forget that this year he will turn 37. But the way he moves on the court is incredible. However, I think that time will reach him in a not too far away future. It's normal, it's the course of things.

Will it already be this year? There aren't many ones who can beat him, that's for sure.' What about the Next Generation? 'When it's about finding Federer and Nadal's successor, Alexander Zverev is my first choice.

He has all the weapons to become a great champion. This year he was a little bit unlucky with his injury in Paris and this stomach virus here. But if he stays patient, he will win Grand Slam titles', said McEnroe, adding that he likes strong personalities like Zverev or Nick Kyrgios.

What will happen after Federer, Nadal retire? 'Tennis will continue,' McEnroe assured. 'Obviously, a man like Roger will be difficult to replace and will never be reached. But there will be new stars and new stories.

It has always been like this.' ALSO READ: After Roger Federer, also Rafael Nadal could leave Nike!