How Cristiano Ronaldo got inspired by Roger Federer

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How Cristiano Ronaldo got inspired by Roger Federer

René Meulensteen was the first-team coach at Manchester United football team for a lot of years when Sir Alex Ferguson was the manager there, and he was lucky enough to have a close relationship with Cristiano Ronaldo.

In the beginning, Meulensteen didn't like Ronaldo's attitude. In an interview to the Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, Meulensteen confirmed it and revealed an interesting thing regarding Roger Federer. 'He was often complaining after fouls, so a day I asked him: "Cristiano, do you like tennis?" He was like: "Of course, I love tennis, I like Federer".

And me: "Then play like Federer, who takes control over emotions." If they see that you do not react to fouls, defenders lose confidence." He understood it quickly,' the 54-year-old Dutch said. Now, Ronaldo has joined FC Juventus and is ready for a new challenge.

'I have not been hearing him for a long time, but I know that he will be 100% focused: fans should not get worried. Cristiano is a leader as well, sometimes he had the weight of Portugal on his shoulders,' Meulensteen assured.

In another interview a few months ago, Meulensteen had mentioned Federer again: 'I am a keen tennis fan and I have always admired Roger Federer and the way he controls his emotions. I selected five clips of Federer for the (Manchester United) boys to watch and asked them to write down which tournament he was appearing in, which set it was and which point.

They would identify, say, Wimbledon as the competition, but they couldn’t tell me which point or set it was. The point I made to them was that wherever Federer was playing, he was winning and performing at the highest level when it really mattered.

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