Roger Federer: 'My children's birth was the highlight of my life'

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Roger Federer: 'My children's birth was the highlight of my life'
Roger Federer: 'My children's birth was the highlight of my life'

Roger Federer was born in Basel, Switzerland, and he is religious. He obviously can't spend much time for the church, but he believes in God. 'I never spoke about it, but yeah, we are Catholic', he told Style Magazin speaking for his family as well.

'I was going to the Church with my father. With our kids, we visited the Vatican and Einsiedeln.' Federer also said that his four kids' birth, first in 2009 and then 2014, was 'definitely the highlights' of his life. 'But I generally appreciate the moment when we are all together.

There are mornings where all six of us sleep in one bed. These moments please me, they connect us to each other.' Asked what he wants to give to his children, Federer replied: 'I want them to be strong characters. I had a beautiful childhood and I hope to share with them most of my experience.

But I also wish that I could be there for my kids as long as possible. Life becomes complicated early enough.' Federer is a Moet & Chandon ambassador. When did he drink champagne for the first time? 'On my 18th birthday.

When I was younger, champagne helped me to relax myself a little bit when I was speaking with girls.' His favourite champagne? 'The Grand Vintage 2009 of Moet & Chandon. It's perfect for special occasions. This champagne makes me also remember 2009, I won the French Open, I got married to my beautiful Mirka and we welcomed the first two twins.' ALSO READ: John McEnroe predicts Roger Federer domination will soon end

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