Revealed: when Nike will give RF logo to Roger Federer

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Revealed: when Nike will give RF logo to Roger Federer

Roger Federer and Nike ended their working relationship on a good note, at least publicly. The Swiss player wore the American brand outfits for free in Indian Wells, Miami, Stuttgart and Halle events. He wore Nike shoes at Wimbledon for free again and is likely to do it in the North-American hard-court season if he doesn't reach a new deal.

Nike has been owning RF logo since 2010, but - also looking at Roger's nice behaviour - they could give it to him. The "transition" is set to happen in March 2019 according to Swiss journalist Arnaud Cerutti. At press conference in Wimbledon, after his first-round match wearing Uniqlo, Federer said: 'Yeah, I'm very happy on both ends, absolutely.

I'm happy to be back at Wimbledon. I was really able to enjoy the match out there because I got off to a good start. When you get off to a good start in set one and two, you're able to just enjoy the moment more than when you're struggling early on, especially at the tournament like I explained yesterday.

There is always pressure and nerves when you go into a first round. Also, I was excited to wear Uniqlo today. I must tell you, it's been a long time coming. I felt very good out there. It's also crucial to play well, so it was helpful.'