Roger Federer's former agent reveals worst part in working with the Swiss

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Roger Federer's former agent reveals worst part in working with the Swiss

In a few weeks the Western & Southern Open in Cincinnati will start, and Andre Silva will be the tournament director again. In an interview to Globo Esporte, Silva spoke about his activity as an agent for Team8 management company founded by Roger Federer and Tony Godsick.

Silva was honoured to work with the Swiss player. 'The two years with Federer were unbelievable', he admitted. 'I can say that it wasn't just Federer, but the chance to work with (Grigor) Dimitrov) and (Juan Martin) del Potro as well...

Grigor is a very special guy, I only want success for him. We had bad luck with Juan Martin. He was coming back and had another wrist issue, so it was difficult to work, but we had a strong relationship.' Commenting on the details of their working relationship, Silva added: 'Tony was most travelling with Roger, I was travelling just the 25%.

I also travelled a lot with Grigor.' Silva finally spoke about how it's like to be next to Federer: 'I think the most difficult part of working with him is that many people want to get to Roger Federer. You need to find a balance.

Because at the end of the day, he wants to play tennis, win titles, be a champion. Since he needs to do a lot with everyone, if you are not careful, you end up spending a lot of time with other people and not do what he really wants to.

He is a very special person. He is a person that, regardless who you are, treats you very well.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal: 'I thought I would have been a father now'