Tim Henman: 'It will be hard for Roger Federer away from grass courts'

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Tim Henman: 'It will be hard for Roger Federer away from grass courts'

Is Roger Federer's Wimbledon loss to Kevin Anderson a start of something bad for the Swiss on the tennis court, or was it just a bad day? The former world no. 4 Tim Henman believes Federer will struggle now until the end of the year.

'I think it'll be hard for him away from grass courts,' Henman admitted in a recent interview. 'I think just as he gets older then the movement is probably the one element that becomes harder and harder but I still think, come Wimbledon next year, because it's grass and he is the most attacking player, I still think he'll have a great shot, as long as he stays injury free and we all know the older you get the harder that becomes.' Henman also praised Serena Williams, who lost to Angelique Kerber in the final.

'It's incredible,' he admitted. 'Amazing to see her come back from not only the birth of her child but a massive medical issue and real challenges surrounding that. To be playing that level of tennis so soon and having only played four tournaments was an incredible story.

She didn't quite win it but to get through to the final I think is a massive inspiration to many people out there.' About Andy Murray's withdrawal at the All England Club, the former Wimbledon semi-finalist stated: 'It was great to see him play at Queen's and Eastbourne, but that's three sets matches and that's really a stepping stone for him to have been on the practice court and then getting back to the match court.

When it comes to a Grand Slam it's best of five sets matches, it's hopefully seven matches over two weeks and I think he wants to be going into the Championships thinking he can win it, having been a two-time champion.

I think that when he realised that that's not going to be the case, it's just too early for him in the comeback, then I think he made the right decision certainly not to jeopardise his hip and set him back even further.' ALSO READ: Rafael Nadal and Lionel Messi meet each other in Ibiza!