Roger Federer: 'My main goal is to win titles, not facing Rafael Nadal'

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Roger Federer: 'My main goal is to win titles, not facing Rafael Nadal'

Roger Federer is not continuing to play tennis because of Rafael Nadal. In an interview with Blick, the Swiss player clarified that beating the Spaniard is not his main priority. 'For me, it's about something more than clashes with Nadal: it means health and tennis enjoyment.

The main goal is to win titles: that's why numbers and records are secondary', Federer clarified. How much does Federer care about records and numbers? 'It depends a lot also on what numbers,' he admitted. 'It's very special to be there personally in the history of my favorite sport.

As a kid, I would never think that I would be in the book's records. The goal was to be the best as possible, hoping to be on the biggest stages of the world, maybe meeting my idol. And yes, lifting a trophy on the air. But not to reach those numbers! That was (in) someway impossible for me.

That's why my joy in tennis is still so big. Because inside, I always stayed on the ground, I know it: it's not normal, it's not reality. But I accept it and I take it as a challenge to defend my titles or lift some trophies.' Commenting on the main key to play well on grass, Roger added: 'Maybe my balance.

I think I have a good balance. I rarely slip. I rarely fall down or lose my balance in general. On grass, it's the same. For me, if I'm playing on grass or not, it doesn't make that much of a difference. It comes naturally.

When it's natural, you don't think about it. It just happens. Yeah, I think I must say balance.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer's former agent reveals worst part in working with the Swiss