Roger Federer doesn't cheer against Rafael Nadal, says coach

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Roger Federer doesn't cheer against Rafael Nadal, says coach

Severin Luthi was in Gstaad for several days to closely follow the ATP 250 event. Interviewed by Tages Anzeiger, Roger Federer's coach spoke about the recent past and short-term future regarding the 20-time Grand Slam winner.

Winning Wimbledon, the Spaniard Rafael Nadal would have 18 Grand Slam titles now, just two less than Federer. Does it worry him? 'You have to look at yourself. Roger is unbelievably relaxed in this way. He doesn't say: it's better if Rafa doesn't win, otherwise he will get closer to me.

Thinking like this wouldn't help'. Is he really so much relaxed? 'Much more relaxed than what it can seem. But he also knows to be serious when he needs to be focused and stuff.' Luthi then commented on the Toronto Rogers Cup withdrawal, setting a question: 'Would it be an advantage for him to play two tournaments prior to the US Open? For me, nope.

Yeah, someone will say: And if he loses in the Cincinnati first round? But the most important thing is that he is fresh, motivated and inspired. At 37 and with his experience, he doesn't need 25 tournaments before a Major.' Hurting his back in the 2017 Montreal final against Alexander Zverev played a factor? 'Yes, too'.

They don't want to make mistakes of the past again: 'In certain circumstances, it would have been more ideal to skip Stuttgart before Wimbledon, but it's easy to say it after. I don't think it would be an advantage to play Toronto and Cincinnati, at all.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'My main goal is to win titles, not facing Rafael Nadal'