Roger Federer: 'Last few years were rocky, it felt like the end'

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Roger Federer: 'Last few years were rocky, it felt like the end'

Roger Federer was lucky enough not to suffer really any major injury until a couple of seasons ago. His Spanish rival Rafael Nadal struggled to have a complete tennis year due to many physical issues, while Federer often managed to stay fit thanks to an ideal game style and intelligent schedule.

Then in 2016, the Swiss underwent a knee surgery and also hurt his back. Reflecting on the past and on the future, in an interview to ESPN, he said: 'I will play until 40. Just maybe not on the Tour. I've had rocky years the last few years.

And I did have my doubts. I think people can relate to that. It felt like the end of a career.' Doing everything at the right time, that's the key for a father of four and a husband. 'When I'm in training, I enjoy being in training.

If I'm on vacation, I can enjoy that. I'm not in a rush. So I can take a step back and just actually enjoy,' he recognized. Federer took a two-and-a-half month break between late March and mid-June, skipping the whole clay-court season and he played his last match on July 11 against Kevin Anderson in the Wimbledon quarter-finals.

After another one month break, as a result of his Toronto's Rogers Cup withdrawal, Federer will play his first match back in Cincinnati before starting his US Open campaign where he is defending points from having reached the quarter-final in 2017. ALSO READ: Roger Federer jokes on travel expenses: I need to reach QFs to break even