'I won't become a father again before my career ends' - Roger Federer

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'I won't become a father again before my career ends' - Roger Federer

Roger Federer has two sets of twins, nine-year-old girls Myla and Charlene and four-year-old boys Leo and Lenny. The Swiss player and his wife Mirka make a lot of effort to try to travel together, that's why in an interview with Coopzeitung, the former world no.

1 said they do not plan to have another child anytime soon. 'This topic is certainly not yet complete, but we are not going to deal with it until I have finished my career,' he clarified. When will he end his journey on ATP Tour? 'I do not know myself.

That is why it is currently as good as it is. All are happy and relaxed. We enjoy the time with our four children extremely.' Playing until Leo and Lenny realize it, is a big motivation for Federer. 'They know I play a lot of tennis, but I'm not sure if they know that - I don't know.

They won't know what my ranking would be. They wouldn't know what I'm actually maybe trying to do really. They know that there is a trophy involved at some point if I do play well, because they get most excited about the trophies.

I think probably it would be helpful a few more years for the boys to really remember. The girls, they will always remember at this point, of course. I'm not sure about the boys.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer jokes on travel expenses: I need to reach QFs to break even