Earning money is not Roger Federer's first goal, says Jura CEO

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Earning money is not Roger Federer's first goal, says Jura CEO

The coffee producer Jura has been Roger Federer's partner for more than a decade. The company CEO Emmanuel Probst praised the Swiss player's great character, comparing it just to Jura. 'Back in 2006, it was not the same Roger and it was not the same Jura', he told CNN, recalling how their co-operation started.

'We are more Swiss, but he has become a global ambassador and we have become a global brand. Humbleness, modesty, that's the values we share.' Federer helps Jura to have credibility around the world. 'When you are building a project or selling a project, there are two things: orientation, what does the brand stand for? And secondly, can I trust this brand? That's why Federer has enormous value for our brand.

The value of Roger has a lot to do with his personality. He is a role model, and he will still be a role model', he said when asked if Federer will be Jura Ambassador also after ending tennis career.' Federer earns $2.3 million every year from Jura at least until 2020, but Probst stressed: 'There are many money-driven people, Roger's success is that for him money is not relevant.

This is not his first goal. This is a result. When he is working with a partner, it has to fit emotionally. Even if you earn a lot of money but it doesn't fit then he says: "No, thank you". He doesn't do it for the money, but because he says, I can give an example.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal: the players who earned the most