'Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal': Tsitsipas reveals who admires the most

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'Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal': Tsitsipas reveals who admires the most

In a recent interview to Sports Illustrated, the 19-year-old Stefanos Tsitsipas commented on his admiration towards Roger Federer. They have one-handed backhand, which is the result of Tsitsipas's love for the Swiss. 'The way he played was reflecting on me the way I played, and I always wanted to be like him.

I was always watching his matches. I admired also Rafael Nadal, because of his fighting spirit and the energy on the court, but mostly Federer because the way he played was so beautiful and looked so natural for me', Stefanos said.

In an interview with Tennis Channel Tsitsipas also spoke about his mother's importance: 'She put a lof of discipline in my game, she was a great tennis player, with a lot of experience in the professional level, my dad as well helped me a lot, he is a very good coach, played professionally, learnt tennis in the university and has a professional diploma in tennis and my mother helped me on the other side, the mentality, both of them gave me new ideas about the game and helped me develop as a player.' 'I am playing very well, I had a good year, and the thing of having Next Gen players gives me extra motivation to be better than them and this Race to Milan simply makes me a better player', he added.

Tsitsipas also added that practising in Nice last week at Mouratoglou Academy helped him prepare for the conditions in Washington, where he reached the semifinals. 'Humidity felt similar', he said. ALSO READ: Toni Nadal upset about Roger Federer: 'Tennis is his only obsession'