Alexander Zverev wants to win US Open, overcome Roger Federer in rankings

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Alexander Zverev wants to win US Open, overcome Roger Federer in rankings

Alexander Zverev is going through some crucial weeks. The world No. 3 defended his Citi Open title, now will head to Toronto trying to defend another title as well, it means 1,000 points. After that, from Cincinnati until the end of the season he can earn a lot of units in the rankings.

Commenting after his semifinal against Stefanos Tsitsipas on possibly raising in the rankings and staying ahead of Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, Zverev said: 'I hope I win the US Open and go from there. I think if I win this I will be number 2 in the race.

I look more towards the year end rankings. Other players have more points to defend. I don’t look at it too much.' Zverev feels proud about his back to back finals in Washington. Last year he defeated Kevin Anderson in the championship clash.

'Winning the first time feels amazing. But coming back here [there is] a little bit of pressure on your shoulders to defend your title. I've got another tough match ahead of me. But if I will be able to [retain my title], it'd be an amazing feeling.

It shows that mentally, you're also quite strong and you're improving. It's not easy to come into a week where you have a big title to defend.' He finally spoke about the young age of this year's tournament finalist: 'I'm the old guy this week.

I think I am the only one left who is allowed to buy a drink in the US. Being the oldest semi-finalist this week shows that our Next Gen players are playing absolutely amazing tennis and they're all on the come up and we could all do well in big tournaments.

It's great to see and hopefully this will not be the last time, but in the future this will happen more often.' ALSO READ: Toni Nadal upset about Roger Federer: 'Tennis is his only obsession'