Roger Federer: 'I get 15-20 letters every week'

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Roger Federer: 'I get 15-20 letters every week'

Fans can send their letter or cards to one of Roger Federer's houses, in Bottmingen. The Swiss player is happy to get them and see how much he is supported around the world. 'Everybody who writes to me and sends a stamped reply envelope or stamps usually gets a reply', he said chatting to Credit Suisse: 'This is all handled by my parents.

I get at least 15 to 20 letters every week. My parents still show me the best ones. In fact, my Dad just brought me a few cards to sign.' But why is he so loved? 'I often hear that it has something to do with how I play tennis – that I symbolize the bridge between the old and new generation', Federer said.

'Sometimes, people say it's about how I present myself. When things were going well, people admired me. When things didn't go so well they said, look, Federer has to lose too, that must be tough. I am sure that gained me extra fans as well.' He also commented on the differences between tennis and other sports: 'Sometimes, tennis may not be quite as euphoric as football.

That is a shame, but our sport is strongly connected with decency and respect, which is something that I value very highly.' ALSO READ: 'I am trying to be better than Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal ' - Zverev