Roger Federer recalls embarassing first Wimbledon memory in 1998

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Roger Federer recalls embarassing first Wimbledon memory in 1998

During this year's Wimbledon, Roger Federer recalled a 'funny anecdote', that's how he described it, about his first Wimbledon memory, which happened during the first match he ever played at the All England Club, in the 1998 first round junior event, against another boy called Langer, Federer said.

The Swiss, who was just 16 years old at the time, was feeling extremely tense. 'I don't remember exactly what country he was from, but I remember going on court and as I am warming up I felt that the net is really high, something was wrong,' he revealed.

'So I go to the umpire and I ask him "Did you check the net? The height is right?" Because I feel like it's so high, and he goes like "Yeah I checked it's right." I am like "I'm sorry, can you check it again?" And then, he does me the favour he goes and checks again on the height of the net and he says "It's correct, I am sorry".

I am like "Of course it's correct, it's Wimbledon. You think they would mess it up?" But I guess I was so nervous that I felt like I was playing over a volleyball net. Anyway, I ended up winning that match and everything was okay afterwards.

But I think I had a bit of those big nerves. Going into my first Wimbledon, per se.' Federer ended up winning the title, beating Georgia's Irakli Labadze, who achieved an ATP career-high ranking at No. 42 in 2004, in a straight-set final, 6-4, 6-4.

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