Roger Federer: 'In 2017 I may have played my best Wimbledon ever'

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Roger Federer: 'In 2017 I may have played my best Wimbledon ever'

In an interview to Wimbledon Youtube Channel, Roger Federer recalled his eighth title he won at the All England Club last year. The Swiss player enjoyed a perfect path, winning all the 21 sets played over seven matches. 'Maybe it was my best Wimbledon because I didn't drop a set, I am not sure', Federer admitted.

'Felt good from the beginning to the very end, I started the tournament and finished very strong against Cilic in the final. I think it was a very hard-fought first set with not so many chances and then once I got a set and break up Marin struggled with his foot, I guess I was able to take advantage of that but I think I was very clever in my head how I had to play and I just played rock solid.

For the first time I won Wimbledon having four children, and not dropping a set was very unique. The win also helped me to go back to No. 1 in 2018. So the '17 was one of my absolute best memories ever.' Federer also recalled his second Wimbledon title, in 2004. 'I think title defence is always particular, now going into the tournament it was a completely different feeling, everybody expects you to win and it makes everything change.

I played a good tournament, to be honest I don't remember much from the week, I went into the finals, I played against Andy Roddick, and defending (the title) came easier for me than winning the first time. I enjoyed being the favorite and it was special.' In 2005 he won it again in a great season for him.

'One of my best years on Tour, I felt like I had to win Wimbledon at one point, everything was preparing that way, there was no guarantee but I felt I was feeling as good as I ever felt at Wimbledon that year, I think I lost a set and played a wonderful final against Andy Roddick.

It was a special year, I barely lost some matches that year.' ALSO READ: Stan Wawrinka breaks silence, opens up on relationship with Nick Kyrgios