Roger Federer: We will never quite know who is the GOAT

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Roger Federer: We will never quite know who is the GOAT

Roger Federer spoke about the GOAT question. The Swiss player is uncertain about it, but he admitted that making comparisons between eras is difficult and intriguing. 'For me, there is clearly a discussion, because we'll never quite know anyways,' Federer admitted. 'I think with amateur tennis we had before, going into professional tennis, the Grand Slams are getting somewhat more important over time.

More players traveling to all the slams, not skipping Australia anymore. It's all changed in the last 25 years, I'd say.
Before they also had different rankings, which was an average ranking over the tournaments you played, so you wouldn't play on your weak surface.

Now it doesn't matter anymore, just the best 18 tournaments count. 'So it's changed in tennis over the years. It makes you play differently in different types of tournaments throughout. Obviously, today, probably we chase more the records than they used to in the past.

Keeps us on tour longer. I think we're doing more to stay more injury‑free. There are so many guys that did so many great things. Some were unbelievably young when they achieved some great things, some were on the older side when they achieved great things.

Yeah, then there's streaks and stuff. Whatever you look at, I think it's a very open debate.' ALSO READ: Stan Wawrinka breaks silence, opens up on relationship with Nick Kyrgios