Lewis Hamilton: 'I am not perfect! Maybe Roger Federer and Muhammad Ali...'

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Lewis Hamilton: 'I am not perfect! Maybe Roger Federer and Muhammad Ali...'

Last year Lewis Hamilton became the Formula 1 World Champion for the fourth time in career, but the Briton doesn't believe that he has no defects. 'Perfect? I am anything but perfect - Hamilton said. By far! Look at Muhammad Ali or to make an example Roger Federer.

These athletes are much closer to the perfection than me. The word "perfect" makes me think to a musician that finds the right tone at every concert. And then perfection is a concept that constantly changes. It's evolving.

You evolve when you get older, when you gain wisdom. And when our strength decreases, I suppose that our perception towards perfection changes again. It will be about being able to play sport.' Hamilton praises Federer a lot during his interviews.

Last month at Wimbledon, the 33-year-old attended the women's singles final between his friend Serena Williams and the eventual champion Angelique Kerber. And who knows, if Federer had not lost to Kevin Anderson and instead reached the final, Hamilton could have been in the Royal Box on Sunday as well.

Furthermore speaking about the Swiss legend, Hamilton said: 'He has managed to become the world no. 1 again. He is a happy family man, he is very wealthy, but still, he has this tremendous inner drive to reach new heights.

Maybe that’s really a sign of greatness.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: 'Rivalry with Rafael Nadal was more special than Djokovic's'