Roger Federer: 'Nobody should be feeling sorry for me or Rafael Nadal'

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Roger Federer: 'Nobody should be feeling sorry for me or Rafael Nadal'

Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal split 50 Grand Slam titles combined in the last 15 years, and they went through only some little lows, considering all the wins they enjoyed. Commenting on the Serb's success at Wimbledon, Federer said people should not be sad when such amazing legends do not get the highest results.

'Novak winning Wimbledon obviously that was massive, I don’t think he expected it', the Swiss player admitted. 'I remember the press conference he gave after Paris [losing to Marco Cecchinato] when he was like ‘I don’t know yet I was frustrated, I just want to get out of here’.

And people were asking him ‘What, you’re not going to play the grass?’ And then he should have won Queens and goes on to win Wimbledon, so things can turn very quickly, regardless if you’re positive or not, sometimes when you just put yourself out there and then you get excited in a quarters of semis of a Slam you can start playing your best tennis.

I thought it was great for the sport, I’m happy for him because I know it probably it hasn’t been easy the last couple of years for him but then again I don’t think anybody should be feeling sorry for him, like people feeling sorry for me or Rafa, we’ve had so much success that it’s just more beautiful when you do come back after a tough time.' Commenting on how the future is gonna be like for Djokovic, Federer added: 'Novak can play with less pressure again I guess, to some extent, but you can always get caught up in the pressure, the media saying ‘well clearly now you’re going to win the US Open’, and you’re like ‘Well, I guess so, yes’.

And then rather than you being able to say ‘Well, we’ll see what happens’, perspective changes from your side but also from the media. But definitely exciting times, a lot of the best players are back in the game and I think the US Open is going to be epic.' ALSO READ: Tsitsipas: 'Rafael Nadal is a beast, monster. I hope to reach his level'