Roger Federer: 'Goal is to stay healthy, not chase no. 1 vs Rafael Nadal'

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Roger Federer: 'Goal is to stay healthy, not chase no. 1 vs Rafael Nadal'

Rafael Nadal now has 3,740 points more than Roger Federer in the ATP Rankings after winning the Rogers Cup title. This week in Cincinnati, the Spaniard is not playing, and he will lose 180 points. If Federer wins the title, the Swiss will earn 1,000 points and the two players would head into the US Open with a difference of 2,560 points in favour of Nadal.

Asked if coming back on the throne is a goal, Federer replied: 'Not really to be honest. It's not been a goal of mine at the end of the year and it won't change midway through unless I would be in the lead, then maybe you could argue that.

Yeah, sure it's important. It'd be silly to deny it but important for me is to stay healthy, enjoy myself. I have played okay recently but I can do better again, I had a great start of the season and important was to get back to world No.

1 that one last time in Rotterdam when I chased it. If it happens again, and the situation is there, I would chase it again. To break a record of that magnitude was important for me, but the year-end, I just can't chase it.

I just can't play over plus 20 events, that's over unfortunately and so I have to focus on less tournaments.' Federer also commented on his preparations for this tournament. 'I have been in America for the last couple of weeks, training hard, playing a lot of tennis.

Did the fitness back home in Switzerland after coming back from Wimbledon there and just getting used to the heat and humidity here making sure I am ready for Cincy and if this tournament for sure wouldn't go so well, I would definitely be ready for the US Open, so sure it's tricky not having played before here now this week but I have done that in the past as well and I think the most important is that I am healthy and ready to go, I think I am, so the first round is really gonna be crucial for me to get through that one and rolling hopefully.' ALSO READ: Tsitsipas: 'Rafael Nadal is a beast, monster. I hope to reach his level'