Roger Federer recalls epic laughing interview with Rafael Nadal in 2010


Roger Federer recalls epic laughing interview with Rafael Nadal in 2010

Roger Federer had a very funny interview in Cincinnati which he posted on his official Facebook page. Among the many things, the Swiss legend recalled the epic interview he had with Rafael Nadal in Cincinnati eight years ago to promote the first Match for Africa in Zurich.

They two were laughing for several minutes during the interview. 'So, the situation was supposed to be very very simple. It was just a few lines, it was like a ping-pong thing, you know, like go back and forth, and we were waiting for Rafa because he is always a little bit late,' recalled Federer. 'No problem.

And it was a super small room and all the people behind the camera. And so Rafa shows up and says, What do we say, what do we do? And it's like the lines and you realize it's not that easy, because it's back and forth, back and forth, so there is a bit of acting, then you have to memorize the line, so the first few we do it wrong because we haven't gotten the rhythm yet, but eventually we get it right but now I can't look at him normally because he is Rafa Nadal and we are like not playing tennis but we are acting and it is just ending up in this silly thing which should have taken five minutes and it ended up being half an hour just giggling and then end swearing, go like Oh my god are we so bad? Or what is wrong? I am so sorry, I can't believe I am laughing at you.

It went viral very quickly, it was the beginning. It was also for a good cause, it was actually to promote my foundation and then I repaid the favor to go to play Madrid for his foundation. So there was a lot of good things.' Did Federer have to stop an interview for the same reason any other time? 'It actually happened twice in Cincinnati and once in Switzerland, Zurich.

When I was at a Credit Suisse shoot or announcement that I did,' the world no. 2 revealed. 'Then I had a post-match interview also again in a room like this and we're talking about all the different dressings you have in America, when you go to the restaurant in America they are like, What salad dressing do you like? And when you go to the restaurant in Switzerland, it's like Italian or French dressing.

Here they line them up like ten, and you are like what was the second one, the fourth. We started laughing uncontrollably and it was the only post-match interview we had to abandon, we could not do it anymore. What I was thinking about the match, I could not answer because I was just laughing because the only thing was spinning in my head was the salad dressings here in America.' ALSO READ: Tsitsipas: 'Rafael Nadal is a beast, monster. I hope to reach his level'

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