Roger Federer makes huge admission about his tennis career

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Roger Federer makes huge admission about his tennis career

What would Roger Federer have done if he weren't a tennis legend now? The Swiss player once said he didn't like to go to school, so he would probably have invested his time in sports. '(I would be) a retired soccer player by now,' Federer told the Miami Herald during this year's Miami Open. 'I was hoping to be a soccer player once upon a time.

I liked the midfield and scoring goals, but in the end, I chose tennis because I didn’t want to blame the goalie or defender, I wanted to be in total control. But if the question is what would I do as a retired tennis player, I’d dedicate my life to philanthropy, to my kiddies, to being a good dad and husband.' Federer also commented about his family side.

The 20-time Grand Slam winner takes care a lot of his four children, as he admitted. 'I try to spend alone time with two kids at a time', Roger said. 'Sometimes I can get a half hour alone time with one at a time, but with four, it’s hard to find the time.

The problem when you have a lot of kids, sometimes you stay on the surface a bit too often, and you need to talk to them. In the end of the days, between six and nine o’clock, when they go to bed, this is when everything unwinds and you can talk to them about how they’re feeling, do they need to tell me anything? For me, it helps to have a schedule for the kiddies.

You have to maintain a rhythm with bedtime and meals, bathing. Wherever we are in the world, they know that’s a given. The rest of the day is playful and educational.' ALSO READ: Marin Cilic: 'Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic made me better'