Roger Federer: I use 60-70 rackets a year: hard, grass, maybe clay in 2019

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Roger Federer: I use 60-70 rackets a year: hard, grass, maybe clay in 2019

How many rackets does Roger Federer use per year? The Swiss player revealed it in an interview to MyTennis. The number of tournaments played by the Swiss has decreased in the last couple of years, but not really much has changed with regard to the number of rackets he uses.

'60 or 70 rackets,' Federer said. 'Grass-season, clay-season in the past, maybe again next year (laughter). And different rackets on hard courts, so around five times 12.' Federer will probably take a decision on whether playing on clay in 2019, after the Us Open.

Also in June, he did not deny that could compete again on that surface, although a huge effort would be required. Compared the past, now Roger has a much better relationship with rackets. 'Yeah, today they don't get broken,' he admitted.

'I change rackets because I have to. Why? Because the frame does get wasted. The longer you play with a racket, the weaker it gets. The frame gets too flexible. And if you switch to a new racket, it feels completely different. So it is important to buy a new racket every once in a while.

Many people have bought their racket eight years ago or many years ago. But I think it is important to get a new one. Because the inside of the frame of the racket is not broken. We players don't leave anything up to a chance. Every match can make a difference to a whole season.

Maybe write history or something. So you try to get everything right. With a good partner like Wilson, who support me, I have had a great luck.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: A 37-year-old should not be favorite for the US Open

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