Back pain, rackets change: Roger Federer recalls nightmare 2013 season

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Back pain, rackets change: Roger Federer recalls nightmare 2013 season

In an interview to MyTennis, Roger Federer recalled the time when he tried to switch racket from the 90-inch to 97-inch frame in 2013, one of the toughest years of his career. 'That was where I had problems with the back and the transfer to a new racket,' Federer said.

'First I wanted to solve the problems with my back, and I knew that the racket was maybe taking a little bit more. So I didn't want to accuse the racket when I knew I still had problems with my back. But I played Hamburg and Gstaad with the new racket and I also trained before Cincinnati.

But I got cold feet and so I said Okay, stop, and I went back to the old racket for the rest of the season. I did the whole test in December, we did some small changes on the racket and I got an even better racket. Then I started to play really good with it, really aggressive.' Federer also revealed some details about how he uses his rackets.

'I always travel with 12 rackets. So from one city to the next. Let's say, when I play in Stuttgart, I have six or seven ready rackets to play and for Wimbledon between eight and for the finals, 11. Also, not every racket has the same stringing weight.

Just to have some variations. If I don't like a stringing weight, I can still switch the racket. If I don't feel good and I want to hit harder, I switch to a higher stringing weight. So that's why I need more rackets. Sometimes I have rackets with a stringing weight of 26, 26.5 and 27kg.' ALSO READ: Roger Federer: A 37-year-old should not be favorite for the US Open

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