Roger Federer: 'We do too many press conferences in tennis'

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Roger Federer: 'We do too many press conferences in tennis'

Sometimes press conferences are not so interesting, because they are mostly about current and next match. It's been said that players don't say as interesting things in press conferences anymore because a lot of them are trying to sound like Roger Federer.

Everyone is similar now. Asked if he sees players trying to copy what he says, the Swiss himself replied: 'Not really, no. Honestly, I don't follow press conferences, but I guess it's true. Public eye can be pretty tough.

Whatever you say can be analyzed. Maybe doesn't sound much like here but it might be a big deal in your home market or home city. You're always very careful at times, and for some, I guess it's quite a burden to come here and sit here and say all these intimate things for some, so they just prefer to, you know, put the shield up. I try really not to have that too much and be somewhat open and honest about the press conferences so I always enjoy them to some extent.

I feel like I give the fans the story ‑ maybe you guys, as well. I try to enjoy as much as I possibly can because clearly, it's another one today. It's going to be another one tomorrow. I'm aware of that. Just get rid of the press conferences, because I do believe we do do a few too many on the tennis tour, but that's the habit and the grind we've gotten into in recent years.

So I don't know what the other players think of the press conferences, but the top guys now have to do a lot of them. Sometimes you're not maybe that inspired, but I try to get up for it and motivate myself when I come into this room.

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